Microsoft Certification Exam Voucher

Microsoft Certification Exam Voucher

Microsoft RTC-VOU-GEN

USD 220.00
Payment also possible in EUR or CHF
(165 EUR or 216 CHF)
excl. VAT

This Microsoft exam voucher can be used towards any Microsoft certification exam.

The exception to this are Fundamentals exams:
AI-900, AZ-900, DP-900, MS-900, MB-910, MB-920, PL-900, SC-900

A separate exam voucher with reduced conditions is offered for the Fundamentals exams mentioned.

  • You will receive your exam voucher in digital form by email within 2-3 working days after ordering. The email address that you specify during the order or that you use for your user account will be used for shipping.
  • An exam voucher can only be used once.
  • An exam voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of order. When the deadline expires, it expires worthless.

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