AWS Managed Services (AMS): Account Modes

AWS Managed Services (AMS): Account Modes

Amazon Web Services LIS-AWS-5112

Free of Charge

AWS Managed Services (AMS) operates Amazon Web Services (AWS) on behalf of customers. With AMS, interactions with AWS services are fully managed and tracked as part of the AMS platform itself.

However, you can also choose to interact with AWS services outside of the AMS management layer through different account modes.

This course will discuss the three types of account modes and how to enable each type.

Who should attend

  • Partners     
  • Customers

Course Prerequisites

  • A basic understanding of AMS services     
  • A basic understand of requests for change (RFCs) and service requests (SRs) in AMS

What you will learn

  • Identify differences among the three account modes     
  • Request access to different account modes     
  • Understand AMS operational limitations of the account modes

What’s included

  • Account modes overview     
  • Developer mode    
  • Self-service provisioned services