Discovery Fundamentals

Discovery Fundamentals

ServiceNow NIC-SNO-DF

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Discovery Fundamentals lays the groundwork for mature infrastructure operations management. Using probes, sensors, and discovery patterns, this ITOM application captures IP-enabled configuration items (CIs), and maps their relationships and dependencies, in your ServiceNow CMDB.

Who should attend

This course is designed for ServiceNow administrators and consultants who need to implement and administer ServiceNow Discovery.

What you will learn

  • Summarize the big picture of the ServiceNow Discovery solution
  • Install and configure multiple MID Servers
  • Explain Credential-less and Credential-based Discovery 
  • Construct Discovery to find Linux and Windows Servers, Network Devices, and Applications
  • Explain Duplicate CIs with CI Identifiers
  • Create New CI Classes
  • Asset Discovery and Agent Client Collector for Visibility
  • Extend Horizontal Discovery with custom Infrastructure and Application Patterns
  • Show common troubleshooting techniques

Additional information

It may take two to three business days for course credentials to be provided. Please also note that a Now Learning account with ServiceNow is mandatory in order to use this course. Account details for this are obtained from the customer after the order has been placed.
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