Vulnerability Response Implementation

Vulnerability Response Implementation

ServiceNow NIC-SNO-VRI

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This course covers Vulnerability Response essentials such as why customers need Vulnerability Response, what Vulnerability Response is, and how to properly implement Vulnerability Response. Participants will learn the common technical aspects of a Vulnerability Response implementation as well as experience various processes to effectively manage a Vulnerability Response implementation. Additionally, participants will learn tactical skills and strategies that will better prepare them to implement Vulnerability Response in a scalable, repeatable, and efficient manner.

Course topics include:

  • Vulnerability Response Overview
  • Data Organization in Vulnerability Response
  • Qualys Integration and Store Preview
  • Tools to manage Vulnerability Response data
  • Vulnerability Response Data Visualization
  • Capstone project for Vulnerability Response Implementation

What you will learn

At the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the ServiceNow Vulnerability Response solution and its capabilities
  • Explore Vulnerabilities and Vulnerable items
  • Explore the difference between Infrastructure, Application & Container Vulnerability Response
  • Explore the ServiceNow Store and Qualys Vulnerability Integration
  • Discuss the importance of CMDB for a successful Vulnerability Response Implementation
  • Explore assignment rules, remediation tasks and remediation target rules, solution management
  • Discuss how to remediate vulnerabilities and handle exceptions
  • Discuss the Vulnerability Workspaces and other Vulnerability Response Actions
  • Configure NVD integration and Shodan Exploit Enrichment Integration
  • Discuss the various data visualization techniques available within the application

Additional information

It may take two to three business days for course credentials to be provided. Please also note that a Now Learning account with ServiceNow is mandatory in order to use this course. Account details for this are obtained from the customer after the order has been placed.
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