Additional Training

Additional Training

ClipTraining LIS-CT-307

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This 'Additional Training' course bundle comprises 8 individual courses in 127 lessons on the following topics:


In this course, macOS Essentials, you will learn the key introductory topics to help get you started with a Mac. Subjects include hardware setup, Mac basics, app basics, navigating and installing apps. Upon completion you will feel much more comfortable working and navigating the macOS and ready to move on to more complicated OS tasks.

Professional Skills Development

In this course, Successfully: Work from Home, you will learn some key focus points, tips and tricks to help you make a success of remote work. We will also interview Heather Severino (Microsoft MVP), well-known Teams expert and advocate, technical speaker and author, about the value of using Office 365 solutions to improve your communication and collaboration while working from home.

The 101 Series

In this course, Computers 101, we take you on a journey into the world of computers. You’ll learn about how they work, what’s inside the box, the operating system and more.
In this course, Windows 101, we will take you through the basics of Microsoft's Windows operating system and help to begin your journey toward understanding and using Windows.
In this course, Office 101, we will help you get started in learning about Microsoft's suite of applications designed to help you create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases and much more.
In this course, Microsoft 365 101, you will learn about Microsoft’s cloud services solution for communication, collaboration and cooperation. We will explore plans, apps and more.
In this course, Computers 101 Series, this introductory course will help you get familiar with the technology working inside your computer and teach you the basics of how computers connect to create a network.

Legacy Applications

In this course, Adobe Acrobat 11, business professionals get started working with Adobe Acrobat 11 PDFs. Viewers will learn how to create a PDF from a variety of Microsoft Office programs or other files or web sources, as well as learn to create bookmarks, buttons, links, and forms.
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