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Microsoft Power BI


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In today's data processing of large and complex amounts of data, so-called big data are being processed more and more frequently, which can no longer be handled with conventional methods. Power BI provides a solution to this challenge. 

With this Power BI training you learn how to present meaningful data analysis in tables and graphs, how to create high-quality visualizations and interactive reports in addition to tools which allow you to effortlessly share your reports with others. Power BI is a powerful tool for analyzing data from a variety of data sources. With Power BI, you can analyze large amounts of data by extracting valuable information that can easily otherwise be lost. 

Who should attend


  • you are a Power BI beginner
  • you want to analyze extensive business data
  • you want to gain information from data and derive goals and measures from it
  • you want to create Power BI reports and dashboards and share them with others

Course Prerequisites

To be able to follow this training well, a reasonable level of Excel knowledge and experience in the use of databases such as Access are helpful. You will need a Power BI Pro license in order to carry out the course exercises. If you don't want to invest in a licensed version in advance, you can also use the 60-day free trial version.

What you will learn

In this training, you will learn all the Power BI components and workflows you need to create meaningful reports and dashboards. You will learn how to make better decisions based on your data by creating meaningful reports and dashboards.

The introduction shows you application scenarios in which the use of Power BI is particularly useful. Then you will learn how to retrieve, model, and visualize data. Discover different types of diagrams, visualizations, the use of slicers and filters, and how to customize the design for mobile devices. You'll also learn more about the Power BI Service (the Online version of Power BI), and components required to share your reports with others. 

The DAX formula language underlying some features is only marginally covered, as it doesn't need to be understood in detail for most of the topics in this course.

Additional information

The trainer explains step by step all important and useful workflows for creating and sharing reports and dashboards. 

Take advantage of extensive and varied exercises integrated into the training. Ancillary materials and several activities such as Challenges, Do It Yourself Exercises and Quizzes are available. 

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