Microsoft Teams - Quick Start

Microsoft Teams - Quick Start


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Discover how to communicate and collaborate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. Work more efficiently and productively. Achieve your goals faster - personally and especially as a team! Microsoft Teams is the central platform for successful collaboration in Microsoft 365. In this training, you will receive helpful, basic information on the most important processes and functions of the application, so that you can get started directly with using Microsoft Teams.

Who should attend

The training is aimed at people who are looking for a quick start to be able to use Microsoft Teams immediately. Alternatively, we also offer a detailed, comprehensive training if you want to go deeper. This training is suitable for all people who already work with Microsoft Teams or would like to start soon. The focus of the training is on "regular" users. Teams system administration in the "Teams Admin Center" is not covered, this is more the responsibility of the IT department.

Course Prerequisites

You need access to Microsoft Teams, regardless of the license model. The course is therefore also suitable for people who have been invited to Microsoft Teams as a guest.

What you will learn

Learn to collaborate and communicate as a team in a time-saving way. Find out what to look for when installing Microsoft Teams and how to properly launch the application. Familiarize yourself with the user interface and the most important workspaces and functions of the application. Discover helpful features to successfully participate in scheduled video conferences and ad hoc meetings. When you complete this training, you will become a particularly valuable team member, you will boost your productivity significantly and you will get things done.

Additional information

Your trainer guides you through the various concepts and functions in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step manner. If necessary, you can pause videos or even rewind and watch them again. Beyond the training videos, there are plenty of helpful handouts and quiz questions for you to make sure you get the most out of this training.

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