Environmental, Social, and Governance  (ESG) Implementation

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Implementation


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The ServiceNow ESG Management application helps customers manage their ESG programs by providing them with a common platform to track and report goals and performance across the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) pillars. This course is designed for implementers, administrators, and managers who need to implement and administer ESG Management. Learners attending this course can expect to learn how to install ESG Management, create and configure core ESG components, and execute metric definitions to collect ESG metric data. The course is structured in a streamlined and easy-to-follow format with informative text, interactive graphics, detailed demos, videos, hands-on lab activities, and knowledge checks.

To be successful in implementing ESG Management, you must have a good grasp on how the ServiceNow platform works and how certain shared components between Integrated Risk Management (IRM) and ESG Management operate. We recommend implementers to complete GRC: Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Fundamentals and GRC: Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Implementation. These courses will provide more detailed instruction on the usage and configuration of entity frameworks and the authority document and citation tables.

What you will learn

  • Introduce ServiceNow's ESG Management application.
  • Define ESG key terminology and solution architecture.
  • Describe baseline ESG roles and capabilities installed with the application
  • Introduce the ESG workspace
  • Create a material topic and define its lifecycle and relationship to other ESG components.
  • Create a goal and define its lifecycle and relationship to other ESG components and to entities.
  • Create a target and define its lifecycle and relationship to other ESG components.
  • Create metric unit, unit conversion, and unit family records.
  • Define and create automated, manual, and calculated metric definitions.
  • List the primary table relationships between GRC: Metrics and ESG Management. 
  • Define primary GHG accounting components in ESG Management.
  • Define and create an emission activity and emission factor.
  • Introduce common ESG regulations, standards, and frameworks.
  • Discuss available content providers for sourcing data.
  • Demonstrate how to import SASB data into ServiceNow using the SASB accelerator.
  • Demonstrate how to associate metrics with citations.
  • Generate an ESG disclosure for external stakeholders.

Additional information

It may take two to three business days for course credentials to be provided. Please also note that a Now Learning account with ServiceNow is mandatory in order to use this course. Account details for this are obtained from the customer after the order has been placed.
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