SharePoint 365 Spotlight - Creating Calculations in Lists with Basic Formulae

SharePoint 365 Spotlight - Creating Calculations in Lists with Basic Formulae


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SharePoint can do a surprising number of calculations within a list. While it cannot do everything that Microsoft Excel can do, SharePoint can still do much more than most users realize. This course introduces calculations in lists. At the start, topics include the pros and cons of lists, and scenarios where Excel is compared to SharePoint to determine which home is best for data and calculations. Calculations are performed in columns, and columns are controlled by Views.

This course reviews the process of creating customized Views so that column layout is easily maintained. Excel users always appreciate this. Views themselves have calculation features that enable subtotals and grand totals within lists. Proper syntax is covered next, with similarities to other Microsoft products being noted along the way. While this course focuses on calculations, functions are mentioned as a point of instruction when considering syntax. A list may be created from scratch or imported from Excel or another file. This process is explained and demonstrated. Formulae are created next, with all basic types of operations being covered. Multiple formulae are created accompanied by explanations and demonstrations.

Finally, subtotals and grand totals are enabled to complete a worksheet as a list. To remove any fear that data is now trapped in SharePoint, lists with calculations are exported to Excel for further manipulation if necessary. 

Course Prerequisites

Site User, Excel Beginner