SharePoint 365 Spotlight - Creating Calculations with Financial Functions

SharePoint 365 Spotlight - Creating Calculations with Financial Functions


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Microsoft Excel can do some impressive financial calculations, but SharePoint supports many of those functions also. Collaborating with others is often easier in SharePoint than an Office app so why not try collaborating within a SharePoint list?

This course covers six popular financial functions: FV, PV, NPV, PMT, PPMT, and IPMT. Forgotten how to use these in financial situations? This course covers use case scenarios so that students always know when and how to use them. There is no need to be an accountant or financial analyst to take this course. Those who work with numbers and basic finance benefit from this course.

The course begins with a review of traditional spreadsheet limitations and examines areas where a SharePoint list may be a better option. For students just getting started, list creation is reviewed including the process for importing spreadsheet data. Accompanying the course is an Excel workbook that contains all the sample data used by the instructor. After importing the worksheets into SharePoint, they are ready for use. The functions are explained and demonstrated. Should the need arise to put the data back into Excel, the export process is examined and demonstrated. To ensure success, the course finishes by reviewing some pointers specific to these functions.

Course Prerequisites

SharePoint User, Excel Beginner