SharePoint 365 Spotlight - Creating Calculations with Lookups

SharePoint 365 Spotlight - Creating Calculations with Lookups


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This ability to look up data from one list and see it in another is a great advantage for SharePoint users who maintain centralized data in a list. Data is managed in one place but viewed in many lists. This course covers lookup columns and their use. It examines source lists and target lists, and then creates lookup columns.

Students who are new to lookups see several use cases that demonstrate what lookup columns can do. While now quite as powerful as an Excel VLOOKUP, SharePoint lookup columns go a long way to support collaboration among colleagues who must share and manage data. Lookup columns are often confused with Choice columns and Site columns. Choice columns offer pick lists and other graphical options to users, and Site columns function as templates to create other types of columns.

To ensure a well-rounded understanding, Choice columns and Site columns are covered in the course as well. Use cases are explained and demonstrated. The three different column types are compared to each other, and demonstrations enforce their proper use. Site owners who manage multiple sites and their data benefit greatly from this course, as it offers various strategies for presenting, validating, and managing an organization's data.

Course Prerequisites

SharePoint Site User, Excel Beginner