SharePoint 365 Spotlight - Organizing Documents with Content Organizer

SharePoint 365 Spotlight - Organizing Documents with Content Organizer


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The Content Organizer is a SharePoint feature that moves files, based on a set of rules, from a single drop-off library to other libraries. This feature greatly assists file management issues. Often times, users do not know where to upload a file, especially after a recent deployment of SharePoint. At other times, new types of data or content are introduced into an organization, and users are uncertain where to upload files. When an organization changes it governance rules concerning data, existing sites and libraries must come into compliance. By placing files into a single drop-off location, the Content Organizer can route them to their final destination.

This course covers the five features of the Content Organizer that must be understood before using it: document routing, libraries that must be processed, how duplicate submissions are managed, how files are managed in a folder, and how audit logs are maintained. 

The next topic covers the creation of rules. Files are routed based on rules. Rules are based on metadata and content types. Metadata is explained, as are content types. Since metadata and content types are used pervasively throughout SharePoint, students can take this knowledge and apply it to other features.

Lastly, this course explains how to activate the Content Organizer and then create rules to determine how routing takes place. The instructor demonstrates the entire process to completion and success.

Course Prerequisites

SharePoint Site User