SharePoint 365 Spotlight - Organizing Documents with FNCs

SharePoint 365 Spotlight - Organizing Documents with FNCs


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The proper use of File Naming Conventions greatly adds to the usability of most SharePoint libraries. Often, the work of scrolling through large lists of files is tedious and error prone. It's not always obvious if a file is missing, misplaced, or just misnamed. Order may be brought to a library by applying a standard to file names.

This course covers all the concepts necessary to implement successfully custom naming standards to files in SharePoint. Examples are examined as well as several use cases. Knowing when to use FNCs is just as important as knowing how. SharePoint libraries have always distinguished a file's name from its title. Many users do not know the difference, and this can create problems as libraries gets larger.

The distinctions are covered and demonstrated in this course with examples of proper usage. If metadata, surfaced as columns within a library, is being used then this affects file name requirements as well. Knowing what to exclude from a file name is just as important as knowing what to include. Even the names of libraries benefit from the use of a naming standard. Guidelines for naming libraries according to an FNC are examined with examples to round out these best practices.

Course Prerequisites

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