SharePoint 365 Spotlight - Organizing Documents with Metadata

SharePoint 365 Spotlight - Organizing Documents with Metadata


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This short course introduces metadata to SharePoint users. Metadata, data the describes data, is used in many SharePoint features. This course focuses on its use for managing document libraries and producing positive search results. With respect to search, metadata greatly increases the likelihood the correct documents appear at the top of search results. Learning how and where to enter metadata is critical to good file management. Sometimes, users who do not understand metadata will copy files without realizing that they're copying metadata as well. This can create false positives within search results.

This course covers the proper way to handle metadata and what to avoid when copying or moving files. Metadata does have a fun splashy side. Views and custom columns are created to surface and utilize metadata. Metadata often appears in columns within a library. The columns manage information with drop-down lists, calculations, and other interactive aids. Libraries with many files use metadata to filter and sort lists of files in a way that is similar to filtering and sorting in Microsoft Excel. Site owners who are struggling to manage large libraries benefit greatly from this course. Basic site users also get a huge lift to their SharePoint skills and an increased understanding of how to best use the software.

What you will learn

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