SharePoint 365 Spotlight - Page Design with Audio and Video

SharePoint 365 Spotlight - Page Design with Audio and Video


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This course focuses on the proper use of audio and video on a SharePoint page for Collaboration Sites. Use of the Site Assets library and proper page design are explained and demonstrated. The differences between Wiki pages and Site pages are emphasized with respect to available webparts. Before actually adding audio and video content, various scenarios are examined that help to determine when audio without video is a better option. Page layout is also addressed before adding media. Just before media is added, basic Microsoft tools are examined for audio and video editing. Simple edits may be done without special software.

The free Video Editor software that comes with Windows 10 and Windows 11 is used to edit content before uploading. This editing includes trimming unwanted content and adding graphical cards with text. Video is added to a wiki page by utilizing a Site Assets library. A webpart is configured and adjusted for professional layout on a page. Next, a video webpart is added to a modern page. The webpart is configured to access Microsoft Stream as the location of the video content. A quick lesson demonstrates how to upload content to Stream and organize some of the content. Issues relating to smart devices are explored with respect to sizing and bandwidth.

Course Prerequisites

SharePoint User