SharePoint 365 Spotlight - Page Design with Webparts

SharePoint 365 Spotlight - Page Design with Webparts


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This course focuses on adding functionality to SharePoint site pages for Collaboration Sites by using webparts. A webpart is a utility program that adds functionality to a page, similar to the way that an app adds functionality to a smart phone. One SharePoint page may contain multiple webparts. As such, proper page layout is demonstrated, with attention given to functionality for mobile devices as well. Classic webparts are reviewed and examined. Microsoft is making significant changes to SharePoint, so care must be used when using older webparts.

In this course, at least eight different webparts are used, including the Power BI webpart for displaying data visualizations. A page is created with a countdown timer and Stream video, with attention given to webpart placement. An international style page is created with a weather app, world clock, and up-to-date Bing maps. Another page is created that charts numeric data without relying on an Excel workbook or another external file. The next page does use an Excel workbook to leverage a PivotTable with full pivot functionality. Finally, a Power BI webpart is used to add a data visualization to a page, with room for more visualizations. Each page created in this course maintains a polished layout and appearance.

Course Prerequisites

SharePoint User, Microsoft Word Beginner