SharePoint 365 Spotlight - Utilizing Page Features

SharePoint 365 Spotlight - Utilizing Page Features


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The Utilizing Page Features for Collaboration Sites course covers topics specific to the management and administration of pages. There are several features that are specific to pages, so the course naturally starts with these. Page History allows versions of a page to be compared side-by-side. Special markings display added text and deleted text. Incoming Links is allows page authors to see how a user has access a page. This enables authors to see if content is found through search, internal links, or some other means. This ability greatly supports better page management. The Content Approval feature, similar to libraries, provides a mechanism to prohibit the publication of pages until one or more individuals have approved the content. This topic demonstrates what approvals and rejections look like and how to handle each scenario.

The next topic examines the Check-out / Check-in feature. This feature, when enabled, prevents multiple authors from editing a page at the same time. When this feature is enabled, only one author at a time may edit, while all other users with permission may read the content. Lastly, Alerts are configured so that authors may know when others are making changes to a page or pages. This feature also contributes greatly to better page management.

Course Prerequisites

SharePoint User, Microsoft Word Beginner