Software Asset Management Fundamentals

Software Asset Management Fundamentals


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Setting up an effective Software Asset Management (SAM) practice includes key milestones: planning a design, defining policies, identifying the information required and how that information can be obtained, what the software asset processes should look like, and how the technology can support these items. Most successful SAM programs involve various people and departments, including IT, finance, purchasing, services, and end users. Investing time and careful consideration to build out the SAM practice produces a higher quality outcome.

In this interactive course, attendees will master the setup, configuration, and usage of the ServiceNow® Software Asset Management Professional application, with a focus on:

  • Managing software licenses (models, entitlements, and metrics)
  • Controlling the cost of purchasing and managing software assets
  • Managing the software asset life cycle from planning to disposal
  • Using software discovery and normalization
  • Reconciling and achieving software compliance
  • Controlling software usage and reclamation
  • Improving IT software asset services to end users
  • Creating standards and processes for managing software assets

What you will learn

  • Generate standards and processes for managing software assets
  • Monitor software usage and reclamation to control the costs of purchasing and managing software assets
  • Plan and execute software compliance strategies to achieve positive audit outcomes
  • Outline the software asset lifecycle from planning to disposal

Additional information

It may take two to three business days for course credentials to be provided. Please also note that a Now Learning account with ServiceNow is mandatory in order to use this course. Account details for this are obtained from the customer after the order has been placed.
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