Data Center

Data Center

  1. Windows Server 2016: Advanced Storage

    Microsoft INF217x-LAAS
    Free of Charge
  2. Windows Server 2016: Advanced Virtualization

    Microsoft INF219x-LAAS
    Free of Charge
  3. Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure

    Cisco DCID
    EUR 1,500.00
  4. Operations Orchestration 10.7

    Micro Focus OO02SPA
    EUR 749.00
  5. Installing Windows 10

    Microsoft MD-100.1
    Free of Charge
  6. Configuring Windows 10

    Microsoft MD-100.2
    Free of Charge
  7. Protecting Windows 10

    Microsoft MD-100.3
    Free of Charge
  8. Maintaining Windows 10

    Microsoft MD-100.4
    Free of Charge
  9. Windows 10

    Microsoft MD-100-LAAS
    Free of Charge
  10. Deploying the Modern Desktop

    Microsoft MD-101.1
    Free of Charge
  11. Managing Modern Desktops And Devices

    Microsoft MD-101.2
    Free of Charge
  12. Protecting Modern Desktops And Devices

    Microsoft MD-101.3
    Free of Charge
  13. Managing Modern Desktops

    Microsoft MD-101-LAAS
    Free of Charge
  14. Understanding Cisco Data Center Foundations

    Cisco DCFNDU
    EUR 1,500.00
  15. Db2 11.1 Advanced Database Administration SPVC

    IBM NIC-IB-2L464G
    EUR 590.00
  16. IBM InfoSphere Information Server Administrative Tasks V11.5 - SPVC

    IBM NIC-IB-2M510G
    EUR 490.00
  17. Informix 12.10 System Administration SPVC

    IBM NIC-IB-2X813G
    EUR 1,190.00
  18. IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Administration and Tuning v5.2.6.1

    IBM NIC-IB-6F89G
    EUR 1,190.00
  19. IBM FileNet P8 Platform Essentials (V5.5.x) SPVC

    IBM NIC-IB-F2809G
    EUR 590.00
  20. Implementing and Operating Cisco Data Center Core Technologies

    Cisco DCCOR
    EUR 1,500.00
  21. Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure

    Cisco DCACI
    EUR 1,500.00
  22. Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure

    Cisco DCIT
    EUR 1,500.00
  23. Implementing Automation for Cisco Data Center Solutions

    Cisco DCAUI
    EUR 750.00
  24. Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Advanced

    Cisco DCACIA
    EUR 1,500.00
  25. Advanced Data Center Switching (ADCX)

    Juniper NIC-JP-ADCX
    EUR 5,000.00
  26. Configuring Cisco Unified Computing System

    Cisco DCCUCS
    EUR 1,000.00
  27. AWS Introduction to Application Integration

    Free of Charge
  28. AWS Introduction to Desktop & App Streaming

    Free of Charge
  29. AWS Introduction to Serverless

    Free of Charge
  30. AWS Introduction to Database

    Free of Charge
  31. AWS Introduction to Storage

    Free of Charge