Accelerating CUDA C++ Applications With Concurrent Streams

Accelerating CUDA C++ Applications With Concurrent Streams


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The concurrent overlap of GPU computation and the transfer of memory to and from the GPU can drastically improve the performance of CUDA applications. In this workshop you will learn to utilize CUDA Streams to perform copy/compute overlap in CUDA C++ applications by:

• Learning the rules and syntax governing the use of concurrent CUDA Streams
• Refactoring and optimizing an existing CUDA C++ application to perform copy/compute overlap

Upon completion, you will be able to build robust and efficient CUDA C++ applications that can leverage copy/compute overlap for significant performance gains.

Course Prerequisites

Professional experience programming CUDA C/C++ applications, including the use of the nvcc compiler, kernel launches, gridstride loops,host-to-device and device-to-host memory transfers, and CUDA error handling; Experience using Makefiles to compile C/C++ code.

What you will learn

The following topics are covered in this course:

  • CUDA C++
  • Concurrent CUDA Streams
  • Copy/Compute Overlap
  • Nsight Systems

Additional information

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