Communication in times of change

Communication in times of change


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In the course of digitalization, processes and habits change and therefore human communication also changes. But this doesn’t diminish the importance of communication. On the contrary, our fast-moving world, the so-called VUCA world, constantly places new demands on the way we communicate with one another. To ensure good co-operation and efficient collaboration, we need to keep up with the changing times. This also means that we need to expand our analog communication habits with digital forms of communication. The emphasis here is on „expansion“. This doesn‘t mean we have to get rid of analog communication and only communicate digitally from now on. No, it is a more a question of integrating analog and digital communication methods in a meaningful way. In this e-learning course, you will learn how to do this and how to effectively use digital forms of communication.

Who should attend

For all those who want to keep up with digital changes, and who want to develop their digital communication skills. This e-learning is aimed at experts and management staff of all types, as well as Project Managers and Co-ordinators, and people who are driving topics forward in their professional environment.

What you will learn

  • Identify the requirements of communication in times of change, and select the appropriate communication channel for specific situations
  • Communicate more consciously and selectively with the aid of the VUCA management model
  • Deal constructively with resistance in communication situations
  • Promote digital communication with the use of open questions, active listening and appreciation
  • Question your own communication behaviour and actively and lastingly improve it for the long term

Additional information

Note: This course is offered bilingual. The language can be switched between English and German at any time during the course.

Develop digital communication habits
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