Conflict Management

Conflict Management


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Arguing effectively is a skill that needs to be learnt, because conflicts are around every corner. Sometimes you are the one being attacked, sometimes you are the cause of the conflict, and at other times you are the neutral party in an argument between two others. There are many ways to deal with this, but lazy compromises, giving in, getting out of the way or just sitting it out are not the best solutions. Learn how conflicts arise, how they develop, and how you can actively and confidently resolve them. Our Emergency Toolkit with video clips, professional input, exercises and expert advice will prepare you for the next conflict situation.

Who should attend

Experts and management staff who would like to improve their ability to deal with conflict, or who need assistance with serious conflict situations

What you will learn

  • Gain a different perspective on the origin and the course that conflicts take
  • Become familiar with thought and behaviour patterns in the cause and management of conflicts, and adjust your own behaviour accordingly
  • Know how to de-escalate conflicts through communication
  • Solve conflicts constructively and develop new ideas for overcoming conflicts with your „Toolkit“
  • Become aware of the risks and opportunities of conflicts, and deal with conflict-prone situations more professionally

Additional information

Note: This course is offered bilingual. The language can be switched between English and German at any time during the course.

Successfully resolve conflicts
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