Customer Service - Delivering Effective Service

Customer Service - Delivering Effective Service


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Delivering Effective Service is designed to teach students how to provide exceptional service that leaves a lasting impression on their customers. Customer service is an essential part of any business that can drive customer satisfaction, brand growth, and repeat business. This course will provide a comprehensive overview of the key elements of delivering effective customer service.

It will address the importance of establishing tone including bringing positive energy to each customer interaction, how to utilize tone and voice to convey appropriate messaging, and how to apply tailored language to properly enforce your message. The series will also cover how to address customer needs from identifying what it is they actually need, addressing each situation to ensure the customer is satisfied, to going above and beyond to deliver exceptional service.

Finally, this course will discuss how to create return customers including the importance of following up after every interaction, how to effectively address customer complaints, and key strategies to win over difficult customers. 

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