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Digital competence as the key to success. Smartphone, internet and online shop. Modern technologies have become an indispensable part of the professional world and leisure time. But how important is it really? In this course you will learn how the ongoing change in digital transformation creates new opportunities that can be used profitably. Because the acquisition of digital skills is trend-setting for a successful future.

Who should attend

Employees who want to get an overview of the significance and effects of digitization on everyday work.

What you will learn

  • You will get to know the temporal development of digitization as the next stage of the industrial revolution.
  • You will recognize the importance and scope of digitization for work and everyday life.
  • You deal with the challenges, opportunities and risks of digitization for employees and organizations.
  • You expand your knowledge of digitization and can thus deal with it more confidently in everyday work.

Additional information

Note: This course is offered bilingual. The language can be switched between English and German at any time during the course.

Recognising and seizing opportunities
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