German General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) for Employees

German General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) for Employees


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Every person is unique and therefore in some way different from others. The purpose of the German General Equal Treatment Act is to protect people in their working lives from being unfairly discriminated against just because they are “different”. This can only be successful if everyone does their bit to ensure tolerant, discrimination-free relations between people in the workplace. This training supports you in this.

Who should attend

All employees can be trained on the subject of the General Equal Treatment Act and thus make a contribution to avoiding serious consequences of disregard.

What you will learn

  • Discrimination – What is prohibited?
  • A work environment free from discrimination – What can I do?
  • A discrimination-free work environment – What can I do?

Additional information

Note: This course is offered bilingual. The language can be switched between English and German at any time during the course.

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