How to survive

How to survive "Working from Home"


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Would you like to concentrate well and be focused in your Home Office too? For many, Home Office has become the new normal. However it oftens feels more like a temporary, and rather stressful solution. In this e-learning Ömer Atiker offers helpful tips and tricks to develop a more positive perspective on this issue. Set up a pleasant working environment, work on your own communication and cultivate a high degree of creativity from within your own four walls.

Who should attend

For all employees who are getting used to a changing work enviroment and increasingly digitalized communication.

What you will learn

  • Communicate expectations to yourself and others
  • Recognize why trust is a very important prerequisite for working in Home Office
  • Set up a work environment that agrees with you
  • Ensure good communication in the virtual team
  • Find a suitable balance between self-discipline and sufficient breaks

Additional information

Note: This course is offered bilingual. The language can be switched between English and German at any time during the course.

Positive Prospects for a New Way of Working
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