Deploying the Modern Desktop

Deploying the Modern Desktop

Microsoft MD-101.1

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Learn how to plan and implement an operating system deployment and update strategy.

As desktops has evolved, so have methods for deploying and updating them. In this course, students will learn how to plan and implement an operating system deployment strategy. This course will examine deployment methods using both on-premise and cloud solutions. Students will learn the differences and benefits of each method, and guidance for which to choose in various scenarios. Content will included methods for new deployments, as well as strategies for upgrading and migrations.

The course will continue with implementing and deploying Windows 10, introducing methods such as Windows Autopilot and provisioning packages. Also covered will be tools used in upgrade planning, application compatibility and migration methods.

This course will continue with managing Windows updates. Students will be introduced the servicing options for Windows 10. Students will learn the different methods for deploying updates, learn to configure Windows Update for Business and configuring update policies. The course will conclude with Windows Analytics to identify upgrade readiness and monitor update compliance.

Course Prerequisites

The Modern Desktop Administrator must be familiar with M365 workloads and must have strong skills and experience of deploying, configuring, and maintaining Windows 10 and non-Windows devices. It’s recommended that students complete the Windows 10 courses (MD100) prior to taking this course.

What you will learn

  • Develop an Operating System deployment and upgrade strategy
  • Understand the different methods of deployment
  • Understand which scenarios on-premise and cloud-based solutions can be used for
  • Deploy and migrate desktops to Windows 10
  • Plan and configure Windows Update policies
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